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Thanks to a special kit, all MuK vacuum tables manufactured since 2007 can simply be retrofitted to cutting machines.

Vacuum Tables

MuK offers different vacuum tables to prevent from an interruption of the tape layer working time for the cutting process or the like:

1. A movable vacuum table that can be positioned under the tape layer for laying out material. It re-connects to the cutting gantry in order to clear the zone under the tape layer, e.g. for a mould.

Vacuum Tables

2. An extremely long vacuum table: its length is the double of the maximum component length. This table allows at the same time laying out material on one half of the table and cutting on the other half by means of a MuK cutting machine. As soon as the work is finished in the respective half and the cut CFRP parts are removed, the tape layer can lay out the laminate on the free zone of the table, whereas the cutting gantry moves over to the table zone with the laid out laminate in order to cut out components.
As a matter of course, the reference points and zero points of the laid out materials are automatically exchanged between the control of the tape layer and the control of the MuK cutting machine. Moreover, the table is equipped with a safety system to prevent damages on the machine due to collisons of the tape layer head and the cutting gantry.

Vacuum Tables

3. If the MuK cuttting machine shall be combined with an already existing tape layer, the cutting machine can be placed outside the operating area of the tape layer. MuK offers extendable or foldout transfer tables to bridge the gap between the layout installation and the cutting machine, in order to transport the laid out material onto the cutting table.
As a matter of course, the movable transfer table has an air-cushion feature to simplify the transport of the laid out material.

Vacuum Tables

Vacuum Tables






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