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Handling device for rudders

Handling device for rudders

This device holds / fixes / a finished rudder which can be turned for 180� from one horizontal position to the other. Moreover, the rudder can be lifted or lowered as a complete unit parallel to the floor. As an alternative, only one end of the rudder can be lifted or lowered to achieve the required inclination.
The device does not need any auxiliary power. The rudder carrier is equipped with a counterweight, turning a rudder in a horizontal position does not require much physical strength. The counterweight prevents the device from swinging around to its neutral position when the hand brake is released, in order to prevent from any danger of injury for the operator.

Transport device for CFRP shells

Transport device for CFRP shells

Without needing any auxiliary power, thess transport devices hold a large-size CFRP shell by clamping its stiffening rib. When equipped with a special traverse, the  hall crane can easily and safely take up and tranport the devices with the shell.

Tape dispenser for CFRP tape

Tape dispenser for CFRP tapeTape dispenser for CFRP tape

This reel-off device uses the same material rolls (width, coil diameter, etc.)
as the automatic tape layer does. By using this device, the Prepreg tape can be stripped off exactly horizontally at the level of the workbench, e.g. for producing a fabric by hand. At the same time, the device separates the protective paper from the Prepreg tape and rolls it up on another reel.

Stop bar

Stop barStop bar

A stop bar fixes the whole device to the workbench by its magnetic clamp.
Equipped with a scale, the stop bar is continuously variable from +45° to -45° to align the device with the required inclination towards the workbench and to allow the tape to reel off at the required angle.
The whole device can be operated without auxiliary power. Thanks to its castors,
it is easily movable.


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