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what we are proud of

MUK Elmshorn

MuK does not do what everybody is doing.

MuK is independent by 100 per cent own capital.

Muk is owner of a range of important patents.

Since more than 25 years, MuK asserts itself on the market.

MuK maintains close relationships to well-known large concerns for many years now.

MuK has put into practice prestigious large-scale projects (see the “Highlights” page).

We are interested in a long-term engagement of employees.

Fast and extensive customer service all over the world.

We are proud ofWe are proud ofWe are proud of


Further Information
Contact: Wolf Dietrich
Fon: +49 (0)4121- 4568-0
Fax: +49  (0)4121 - 50389

Maschinenbau u. Konstruktion GmbH Elmshorn Sandkamp 10 D-25368 Kiebitzreihe Fon: +49(0)4121-4568-0 Fax: +49(0)4121-50389 E-Mail:

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